Gravidade Zero c/ Azelpds #19

#19 Sweetness And Light
Guardar [MP3, ZIP] Duração [57:00] Data: 20-07-2009

01. Canyons of Static - Slowly To Sea
02. James - Pleased to Meet You
03. Indochine - Comateen I
04. Moscow Olympics - Safe
05. Lush - Sweetness And Light
06. Monster Movie - Vanishing Act
07. Electric President - We Were Never Build to Last
08. Loney, Dear - Under A Silent Sea
09. Jonathan Johansson - En Hand I Himlen
10. Syntax - Pray
11. Air France - No Way Down
12. Firekites - By Night

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20 julho, 2009 20:46 ×

by night, in that autumn ball, i was pleased to meet you. wanted to know where you were from. what was your name. shh…take me to the sea. close your eyes now. pulling you closer. your breath, the smell of your hair. feel the shape of your hand in mine while slipping my fingers between yours. closer. now, touch the sky in that little spot of light. so beautiful. there’s no way down. but you knew. you always knew we were never built to last.
(bonito sweetness and light)

20 julho, 2009 22:18 ×

terno e doce ... e uma vontade de beijar num momento único...
continua perfeito

21 julho, 2009 15:25 ×

Obrigado mais uma vez pelas palavras. Uma pessoa até cora assim heheh :)