A escuridão em cada um de nós

Since i'm currently recovering from a recent surgery operation, i found some more time to reflect on stuff, besides working on others...

My work in progress of doing some texts based on paintings is ongoing and some finally started to appear. It feels well writing again outside my day job duties, even if it means getting reconnected with other parts of that path i'm traveling in life mentioned before, this one completely dark and negative in a general way. Since the works and paintings made by the person i'm doing those texts are not very light or positive oriented too, we can say that this could be a match made in hell if things go as i'm thinking they will, related to the inspiration part of both persons involved. Well, some people are just like that i guess.

As usual on this type of stuff, all the texts will be in portuguese and after reading some of the stuff done i guess we can say that yeah, things will not go for sure for a happy course lol
Some rough translations just for the fun of it:

"…from the death of something a life is born, and with a life something always die along the way.."

"…like the the eyes that take a look, playing hide and seek with the shadows…"

"…the wings are burning, at the same time as something looks into them…"

Funny as some random picks from diferent sentences and texts, in english and this way, seems to make sense and part of one only sentence and text after reading them like this. creepy. All this thing inspired by paintings remind me of 2 mini books i wrote several years ago, that were written as i listed to music playing in background, of a certain band called The Tear Garden.

Continuing on this writing stuff, a friend of mine came recently with the idea of doing some reading sessions in a place in Lisbon. As usual, i think it's a cool idea, but i still don't know if i will be able to get back on participating on a thing like that. I did it in the past, but i have a tendency to get some pleasure of trying to make people somewhat unconfortable on things like this. It's a weird thing i can't explain, but the nature of the things written with my general attitude many times points to that direction. But who knows, maybe it is time to reconciliate too with that part of the past.

What i embraced again fully is my love for all things related to the world of Panzer Dragoon (series of games and way long story for other time), so besides the nick i use always related to that, i got back to it again for inspirations, clothes, music etc. I still love it (the artwork, ambience, etc) after all these years and well, i don't care what people may think or not, we are now one.

On other subject, someone asked me today how my wife was going and sons… I was completely wtf at the time, because well, people that know me, knows that wife and children are not part of my world lol. At least for now. But it had some kind of logic the question, because the person thought a certain ex-girlfriend was my wife at the time he saw her with me. And by some weird logic, that made me thought on a sentence of a song (can't remember now wich one) that i listened earlier today on a CD i made with several songs of a band called Madrugada. The singer sings "we used to be two" and it was very creepy since that sentence has some connection with a gift the person gave me sometime ago that had that sentence as it's name. So, after that, at night i got those wtf questions and everything seemed to connect in a surreal way o_0

Getting back to more pleasant things, besides the paintings work, i'm looking to do those music colaborations, and i have two people in mind. One is almost guaranteed (the one i did the CD to a new place to show some of our ideas), and the other i'm waiting for some sort of answer after i decided to oficially invite the person for a joint event. I guess some days spent at an hospital gives you even more the will to do stuff, so yeah, it was the time to take some guts and talk to more people.

Following that, we have 2 nights scheduled for Bar do Bairro in Lisbon for April. The first one (5 of April), will be a Wednesday and the idea for it appeared after we talked with some friends that will have their birthday on that day. So yeah, some will be at a concert and so on, and we all will meet later at Bar do Bairro. I just hope to be better already on that day, since i love hmm, well, some beer and so on :p After that night, we will have another one (13 of April), the usual second Thursday of every month that we have at that lovely place. On both we hope everyone will have fun and i'm looking forward to experiment some things as usual. These days at home were ones of major reestructure related to cds and music that i bring to everynight. Well, i'm always changing them, but now the changes were more than usual i guess.