As noites de música

The places where lately we have done music nights, had some particular aspects in commom between them, related on how we like to do stuff, the ambition we have to make stuff reach the widest audience possible... avoiding all the cliches like people having to go to some industrial, gothic or whatever kind of club, to listen to some particular sound. Like we can see on the playlists, the sound changes a lot during the night, and all the places where we did music nights lately have a big thing that we really like, at least for us of course. I'm talking about who comes to those places, the audience that is there, that is really really cool, having all kinds of people there.

Since people in all of them liked what they heard and feeling of those nights, that aspect is connected on what we always thought and believed. You don't have to dress a certain way, and be in some peculiar club, to enjoy music of every kind. We had people asking us for Bauhaus, Young Gods, Echo & The Bunnymen, Breeders, Pixies, U2, etc etc, that, at first, you don't expect them to like that sound, or that people liked those and all genres of music on the clubs we went. Also, some people comes to ask too what is the music they are hearing some times if they like it and don't know at the moment what it is. This, besides being extremely cool, nice, and good, gives us even more the chance to make every night a tad different.

Of course you can have some tracks that ocasionally play on the same nights, even if we try to avoid that (no one is perfect hehe), but since we play all kinds of music and sound, the choices and possibilities are endless. That is one of the reasons that we say we make "alternative music" nights. Of course, trying to make all the sound a cohesive piece all night is a challenge in itself, but it's ok, since people are there primarly to have fun and listen to some stuff. That's one of the reasons requests play a big part too on every night. We know some people that play music in clubs don't accept requests from the audience, but that will not happen when we do stuff lol. We want people to request stuff, the nights are for them, not for us, and we even use those requests to change many times the music direction on a night for example. ^^