31-12-05 New Year’s Night @ Ateneu (Lisboa)

"Go With the Flow"

This title from a certain song couldn't be more correct to describe what happened at the New Year's Party at Ateneu, in Lisbon. Again, they decided to put us in some weird room, totally out of place related to the main events of the general party. And again we ended doing our thing without stress, making a scenario, this time with lots of retrogaming videos also besides the usual pictures projections, some lights on the ceiling and blam, there was our place, a trip to having fun…sort of…lol

So, we went with the flow, we knew it could be hard getting much people on the room because of it's location, but yes, we decided to go with the flow and we think all the people that showed there had fun, or at least they seemed so. That going with the flow thingy was also the mood for the music, like usual on every night we do. We play what we feel at the moment, what people there seems to want to hear or what they request us and we let ourselves go. There's no plans on every night basically.

What is not much going with the flow, is our thing for the scenarios we try to create everytime we do a music night. Since, besides music of course, we like anime, games, photography and some other stuff, we try to incorporate many things related to that every night, but in a subtil way. Could be with the projections having random anime pictures in the middle of a mix of other stuff for example, just as could be having videos of movies we like, or parts of them, or retrogaming videos like we did on this one. When you hear someone shout "Man, that's Out Run!!" you know you did something well lol. The ideia is, in many ways, trying to bring to other kind of audience those things we like, and also making in the process a promotion of those particular types of media and art. Again, always in a subtil way, with video/pictures being always a plus you have a on night you went to hear music. Nothing is as bad as someone trying to put on your "throat" something you don't want or care, so those subliminar messages that hint to some of our hobbys and passions are always a bonus thing in the background of the main events dedicated to music and never the center of them.

In the end, we can say things went well, at least from what we expected from it, so now it's time to put here the playlist on this night, and also to think on our next nights, 12 and 24 of January at Bar do bairro in Lisbon, a Thursday and a Tuesday, this last one the aniversary of a friend of mine, that is also another member of this particular Diary of Hate Project thing, and the one responsible lately for the video projections we may have. ^^