24-04-06 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa) Paradise Kiss e Algarve

The flyer for 24 of April is done. It was made by a very good friend of mine and the result is well... genius lol. Lots of wacky ideas on this one, but i think the result is really good. Sort of unexpected, weird, but at the same time it has something deliciously genius about it.

Hopefully the mood of last 2 nights at Bar do Bairro will be the same on this one. Since those changes i made, and after my resting period from the surgery, things were really great, almost like people feel themselves obligated to have fun, smile, love eachother and so on. Maybe it's the Spring, but something was really in the air lately :p It's a cliche, but i guess positive feelings and moods attract more positive things, so let's hope it continues like this ^_^

Keeping with this positive feeling, the music part is really starting to get on it's feet, and lately my writing thing is starting to feel like wants to catch up. With this i feel some colaborations projects are on hold after no answers and feedback of people, but others may appear later if some stuff ends like i'm feeling it will. But even if not, i'm always moving on, the road and personal mission i have dictates that. There's no time to be upset with trivial things, no time for weird and negative moods that doesn't make much sense and so on.

Talking now about other stuff, i recently saw another anime series that made me really smile inside. It was a tad unexpected, but it was another of those i had some inner feeling that i could like it, that made me want to watch it. Well, i can say again that i REALLY loved it.
It's called Paradise Kiss, it's a more mature and serious anime than usual, just like Monster was i guess, and it made me had so many flashbacks from things i had experienced in my own life that it's not even funny. People discovering their way, falling for love with others, relationships, dramas, damm, it was a really great ride, and it's only a 12 episode series. I loved it so much, and the connection with it was so good that i had to go out after watching it lol. It was later another great night, i went to several places with a friend, like Bairro Alto, Tocsin, Bar do Bairro and Incógnito. On all of them we had a great time and Incógnito surpised us with some really great music choices that we weren't expecting there that night, like Front 242, REM, Pulp, Prodigy and others.

Last days had some unexpected moments, some fun ones like the music night of the 24 and some more evolution regarding my particular mood that i happen to be living lately, were i am a little “out there”, like floating on some place not quite near us o_0.

The weekend started shaping up when i had an unexpected invitation to go out some days to Algarve and, just like that, we went there on the same day, on the road, enjoying music in the car, drinking, walking on the beach and stuff like that. It was a peacefull trip. Peace is really the right word to describe those days. 4 people just living the moment, without stress, without worries, just living the days, it was lovely and i had also the pleasant opportunity to visit and talk to a person i know there for some brief moments. It was also an opportunity to do some inner reflection, thinking about some stuff, and life in general. I guess if i was there more days i would quit my job for sure lol.

One of my conclusions from this trip was a thing that i already knew, that is tied closely to my way of living and some changes i had with time. Basically i feed and gain some strengths from negative energies. But the major difference lately regarding past, is that i use that to try to transform those energies in positive energies for the people that are emanating those negative things. Before i used those negative energies and projected even more negative stuff, where the poetry sessions were the major spots where you could watch that in full force. I felt that i had a mission to make people feel unconfortable at the time, making them watching and listening to the darker corners of the self.
So now i still feed on that, but i only seem to absorb the energies. Maybe it's a bizarre twist, a weird kind of psychologic work, like some doctors do when they listen to people. Gladly this thing seems very positive to persons around me, because i feel that sometimes i draw the negative energies to me and make people forget them, or stay in a positive mood. Maybe i will implode some day with so much negative energy inside me, but like other things, me or myself is no the most important thing in the end. I can say that i already notice those effects, that's why i'm so far out there, distracted, like i'm on the moon or something, but on the same time all seems like a peaceful garden, where you rest your body, look at the stars, shapes that seem to exist made by clouds and…Ok, let's stop here for now regarding this…

So we arrived Monday, and on the same day it was time for that music night scheduled at Bar do Bairro…

The evening was cool, the weather was pleasant, a tad hot, and the persons were again on that special mood where everyone were just having fun without worries. Seeing now the things i played, it was a little surprising that almost no tracks were played of certain genres, like electronica, even more surprising since i was addicted to some stuff like that on the trip to Algarve. Maybe that’s the thing that is cool on all of these nights. There are no concrete plans, everything just flows with my mood, and with people’s mood. Some people i know appeared there, other’s didn’t, but i even played some tracks like the people missing were there lol. Well, i think it was a very good night, even special in some cases (like the italian people that were surprised and loved to hear The Postal Service and Roykspopp tracks), so everything is going really well regarding music nights. The balance and thing that i talked before on some other post continues in full strength.