17-12-05 @ Ateneu (Lisboa)

Well, in few words, this will be the event that can change some things regarding our project, specially how people can react to it. The reason for this is the number of people expected, and the place (it’s lovely, big and well known in Lisbon), that makes this event a step ahead of everything until now regarding the proportion of things.

But for everything good there’s always something less good... and in this case could be some problems the event is having and some confusion regarding the general program and ideas behind it.

In any case, since we are guests and not part of the organization, we are trying to distance ourselves from that. Even if we don’t know well who will attend this event we will make our usual thing. Play some music tracks, do some video projection of sorts and trying that people have some fun.

Still many doubts for now, specially regarding video. Not so sure what we will have there. Maybe some anime projection, maybe some movie, or maybe some mix of random stuff, or maybe nothing if things go wrong and we can’t do any tests before, or people can’t decide till Friday where we will be at the place on the 17th…
Anyway, we will be there at least from 2am to 4 or 5am, maybe before if we have a room for ourselves. Until later.

The other party is over for quite some time, and to put it simple, it was a complete piece of crap. The desorganization continued on the very day of the event and well, it sucked in general. Even then, there's always something positive to get, even from the worst things. One of them was the room where they put us, that we decided to create a scenario, with few lights, some candles near the decks and projection of videos and images on a wall. Simple, nice and a thing to look and repeat in a near future hopefully. Other thing positive was the music played. Since that wasn't a bar, there was an obvious effort and tendency to explore other things since places with a dancefloor are very different. In the end i think we can say there's no problem, at least for now, for us to adapt to both situations. That is good in a personal level since that was one of my major doubts at the time, how things would work on a different environment.
We have the playlist as usual from that night, but for now we decided not to put it here, or in other places for that matter, since there was so many interruptions regarding the event desorganization, and also because we want to reflect a little on what was played for now. ^^

Other thing positive on that event was our separation from the people who were organizing the event, that in many ways made us talk and contact the ones responsible for the place (Ateneu). After some talking, we will be now one of projects entertaining their New Year's Party, that is always something very big every year, and also a mix of lots of stuff and types of music. The invite was very cool and we are a little nervous since the responsability is way big in many ways, but also because we don't want to disappoint the person, since we feel he is making a risky bet supporting us without knowing us very much.