07-12-05 @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa)

Well, here it is, the poster for the December night planned @ bar do bairro in Lisbon. It will be on the 7 of December, Wednesday as usual. This one was made by me, being sick at the moment with the flu... Funny the stuff you can do when you are sick, can't sleep at night and decide to make stuff, like 3 am in the morning at weekends… The final result is a tad weird, different than usual regarding others we have done in the past, and maybe a little mad, but most people we showed it seem to found it interesting and they like it, so i decided to use it then ^^

3+am in the morning, as i write these lines i’m a little better after having the day to recover from the Lisbon 7-12 music event. This went really well in all fronts, but also it was very surreal. People were in a weird mood, myself included.

At 11 pm, as usual before starting things, i was still with my mind blank. I never think on what i will do, or play, before every night, and that makes me always nervous even after making it for some time. Maybe it’s a fear of my own self, don’t knowing what my mind will cook and decide to do at the moment. But there it is, after the first 2 CDs something switches on inside me and well…it’s a really weird feeling.

I generally say the beginning gives a clear hint of what will happen that night, or what is my general mood, but even saying that is very difficult to explain what happens. I just look at the CDs and they talk to me. Yeah, weird and nonsense like that. I look, they “talk” and i pick one after another and everything seems to have a twisted logic from beginning to end, even more if you see the playlists only looking at the names. Many times the choices looking at the names seem very weird because of our habit of saying x band belongs to genre y and must play at determined moment. Well, one of the things the CDs teached me with time (ok, maybe i’m a tad mad lol), is hearing the textures, moods, feelings, sounds, etc, that every track of every CD have inside them. But doing it in a natural way, like listen normally to music and enjoying the moment without thinking on anything. Sometimes my eyes open and i hear something like this on my mind “oh, this is very cool, lovely feeling, i must play this some day, or use it on a compilation to give to someone”. So i play with that, and without hearing at the moment the music, looking only at the names is almost impossible too see what really happened. Everything seems to have a inner meaning, and since we decided to check on a paper everynight what tracks i’m playing lately, i saw even more, analysing after everynight the playlists, that everything is guided by a subconscious thing. And always for the purpose of trying to give something special to people, something they might like, that makes it worth being there at that moment. Yeah, all this is always focused to make others “happy”. There’s no fun enjoying stuff only for us.

But anyway, i was having fun. Even with few people (at 11:15 PM) i wanted to put some tracks and even test for myself some stuff, so i didn’t stop, and at midnight the house had more people and i didn’t noticed at first. Probably, i was in a sort of a trance lol. With time i noticed many people were having fun, some requests happened too, and also the weird mood that appeared at a certain moment in the place. People laughing loudly, talking freely, having some sort of sex (more on this in a minute ahem), being completely out of this world, it happened all sorts of things on this night. At moments i felt that we were in another world, totally in the twilight zone. Everytime you went to the WC for example, at one point at night it was difficult not seeing anyone embraced on the corridors, or in the WCs, on some act of passion. I was like: 0_0 wtf is happening? One of the times i was waiting in the line to enter the WC, the door to the toilet opens and a couple appeared in front me. We all just laughed at each other. Mad, completely mad.

But for all the crazyness (in a good way) that happened, i really liked also some of the few people i had the pleasure to met this day. One in particular i don’t know yet what really happened, but i felt some sort of click. The kind of when 2 persons look at the same time to eachothers eyes and decide to talk. What i loved most was that sharing ideas and opinions, or just talking, was so easy, even with both persons never talking before or knowing eachother. Not sure if anything will come out from this, but i’m looking forward to it. And since all this Diary of Hate Project thing is a name where in the end people gather to do stuff, artistic or not, i’m really looking forward to see if a colaboration happens in the future. Hopefully the person reads these lines later and we can talk a little more and share more ideas. I really enjoyed it ^_^.

After the night ended, everyone was happy with it. We have now 2 more nights already planned in January at the same place (Bar do Bairro), one of those is the birthday of a friend of mine. That night should be crazy for sure and i bet both of us, and anyone that appears that day, will be in a extreme alcoholized altered state in the end lol. He’s the one doing also the videos for a projection we will show on the event i talked before on another post, the bigger one scheduled for the 17 of December (yes it has a date finally, and more details about it later, on another day).

For everyone that appeared, talked, had fun and so on, many thx.