02-11-05 XXY Young Gods night @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa)

Only some hours left for the night dedicated to the Young Gods. It should be interesting since i went to the dentist today… so no alcool or solid food, and dealing with some pain at the same time, nothing quite serious. There are worse problems in the world hehe...

Young Gods, with Skinny Puppy and Tear Garden, are my favourite band, so, since they will be in Portugal again in November (04 and 06) for some concerts (i will see at least the Porto one - already have the tickets - /the Lisbon still not sure because of monetary reasons), and that week is the same one of our new music event in Lisbon, we decided to make that Wednesday a special night dedicated to the band.

The general idea of the night should be similar to the others, but of course more focused on Young Gods. The flyer/poster was a collaboration between me and a friend of mine, and if i liked my basic initial idea of it, after he picked from there and showed me the result i was really happy. He is really good in the graphics department and did that only with some minutes of photoshop work 0_0

Well, the 02-11-2005 music night is over, and what a mad one it was. Like the last one, not many people was there. This Wednesday being again after a holiday and the weather being bad didn't help, but it was a very very curious night. Since the weather was bad, instead of music till 4 am, we had music till 7 am 0_0 with people there enjoying music and drinks until the rain calmed down lol.

As espected, some more tracks than usual from Young Gods were played, but the feeling and overall idea of the night and sound direction was in line of what we usually do. From 11 pm till 7 am, the time passed by really fast. When we looked at the time, it was already almost 7 and it was daytime already o_0. Because of that, 100+ tracks were played, crazy!