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Já há algum tempo que não publicava uma destas listas no que toca a noites. Falta de paciência, motivação, esquecimento, as razões são várias. Como curiosidade, posso dizer que no momento em que escrevo estas linhas o PC com que realizo certos podcasts acabou de morrer, assim como tenho tido despesas inesperadas com o carro. Quando é para acontecer algo negativo parece sempre que tem de ser em dose múltipla.

As noites no Agito têm sido um dos pilares que sustentam os sonhos. Ambiência especial, local acolhedor, são consideravelmente diferentes do que faço noutros espaços apesar de existirem pólos em comum. Infelizmente, tal como noutras ocasiões e contextos, temos tido menos público do que o desejável, o que é uma pena. Mas como alguém diria, quem está, está. E nesse campo os elogios têm sido vários, como aconteceu na última noite novamente por parte da equipa da casa.

Um obrigado mais uma vez à referida equipa do Agito, pela simpatia e aposta contínua, e especialmente à Patrícia, que nem cansada de morte deixa de aparecer para me apoiar e para ouvir um pouco de música com potencial de ser um pouco diferente da norma.

Aqui ficam as playlists do que toquei durante as duas últimas noites efectuadas no Agito.

18-11-2011 @ Agito playlist:
The Seven Mile Journey - Theme for the Elthenbury Massacre
Sealight - Dead Letters
Broadcast - Still Feels Like Tears
Red Painted Red - Safe In Sleep
Black Coffee & Stephee Pie - Spin
The Postal Service - Nothing Better
The D'urbervilles - Dragnet
School of Seven Bells - Connjur
Violens - Acid Reign
Sonic Youth - Chapel Hill
Azoora - Premeditated
Ladycop - Idea Maker
For Against - Antidote
The Chameleons - Here Today
The Comsat Angels - Waiting for a Miracle
The Lucy Show - Resistance
Asylum Party - Sur La Route
Dark Captain Light Captain - Jealous Enemies
Genaro - Garp 52
Odawas - Harmless Lover's Discourse
Danish Daycare - A Story of Hurt
Curve - Alligators Getting Up
Covenant - Brave New World
Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs
Desire - Miroir Miroir
Alpine - Villages
Mahogany - One Plus One Equals Three or More
Emerald Park - Ume
Longwave - No Direction
The Search - Teardrop tension
The Mary Onettes - Century
The Papertiger Sound - Video
The House of Love - Christine
Kitchens of Distinction - When In Heaven
Black Swan Lane - Low
The Twilight Sad - Reflection Of The Television
John And Jehn - Time For The Devil
Kim Novak - Turn A Rabbit
Low Sea - The Crash
Division Kent - White Walls
The Whip - Frustration
DK7 - Killer
Screen Vinyl Image - Until The End Time
Home Video - I Can Make You Feel It
Kasabian - Reason Is Treason
Asobi Seksu - Familiar Light
Kent - 400 Slag
120 Days - Be Mine
Primal Scream - Autobahn 66
Lamb - Little Things
Swandive - Inner Man
Slowdive - 40 Days
Her Vanished Grace - In My Eyes
Ride - Vapour Trail
Motorama - Empty Bed
I Like Trains - When We Were Kings
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Last Ride Together
Natalie Beridze/TBA - What About Things Like Bullets
Birdpen - Off
Juliet - Avalon
Lusine - Two Dots
Tychon - Hours
City Rain - This I Will Remember Part 1
Damero - Gestern Morgen
The Knife - Marble House
Port-Royal - The Photoshopped Prince
Colder - Shiny Star
Spiritualized - Electricity
Noblesse Oblige - Equinox
Noir Désir - Lost
Indochine - Electrastar
Tindersticks - Her
Mão Morta - O Jardim
Burzinski - Using Mirrors
Heligoland - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Secret Knives - Affection
Glass Vaults - Gold Star
Coeur de Pirate - Fondu au noir
Alex Beaupain - La Bastille
Soap&Skin - Spiracle
PNDC & housework - At My Door


23-12-2011 @ Agito playlist:
Clark - Primary Balloon Landing
The Young Gods - Landing
Red Painted Red - Blow
Mantra - Frail
Almost Charlie - Formerly smilin Jack
Klima - City
Emilie Simon - Alicia
Alpine - Icypoles
Division Kent - Lone Star
Flunk - Two Icicles
Hooverphonic - Club Montepulciano
Datarock - The Most Beautiful Girl
Ginger Ale - Looking For My Summer
Syntax - Message
Static - Freedom of Noise
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - A Different Carmic Thermal
PNDC & housework - Lost Message
Keep Away From Heat - Tear Me Apart
Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wing
Loney, Dear - Violent
Dark Captain Light Captain - Speak
Chinawoman - Russian Ballerina
Piano Magic - Halfway Through
And Also the Trees - Rive Droite
The Go Find - Over the Edge
The Main Drag - How We'd Look on Paper
Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love
Twiggy Frostbite - Heroes
Kyte - Ihnfsa
Home Video - Every Love That Ever Was
Hearts of Black Science - Twilight
Lali Puna - Grin And Bear
Screen Vinyl Image - Asteroid Exile
Mahogany - Supervitesse
120 Days - Keep on Smiling
The Isolation - Swamp City
Low Sea - Sidewalk
Malory - Want You
Sea Dweller - Every Inch
Future Conditional - The Switchboard Girl
LCD Soundsystem - Us v Them
Superthriller - Ahjustwannadance
Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year
Röyksopp - Circuit Breaker
Ladytron - Tomorrow (Port-Royal Remix)
Apparat - Hold On
Latriste - Love Is the Number of Keys
The Golden Filter - Hide Me
Kleerup - History
Nitzer Ebb - Control i'm here
Camouflage - The Great Commandment
This Vision - Lost and Found
Swimmer One - The Balance Company
Plastic Operator - Singing All The Time
Solvent - My Radio (The Mitgang Audio Remix)
Jay-Jay Johanson - On The Radio
Seabound - Day Of The Century
Lip Service - Adorable Moves
Sneaker Pimps - Small Town Witch
Covenant - The Men
Client - Here And Now
The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path
Colder - Wrong Baby
Motorama - Far Away From The City
Ladycop - Human
The Papertiger Sound - Wrap Yourself In Light
Film School - Breet
Black Swan Lane - Resurrect Me
The Twilight Sad - Made To Disappear
Ravens & Chimes - General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone
Secret Knives - Elegy/Dreamdisco
The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Patrick Phelan - Favor
Kent - Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)
Curve - Forgotten Sanity
Catherine Wheel - Crank
PJ Harvey - One Line
Aube L - Something simple
My TV is Dead - Thinking of you
The Teardrop Explodes - Second Head
Theatre Of Hate - The Hop
Light in Your Life - Do You Know I Tried to Comfort You When You Cried in Your Sleep
Modern English - Machines
Glass Vaults - Set Sail
Bullets in Madison - In the Dust
Broadcast - Poem of Dead Song
Madredeus - Guitarra
Detektivbyrån - 054

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