18-01-06 @ Incógnito (Lisboa)

This last days are getting hectic among us, after the news that we will play at Incógnito in Lisbon. Since we had to made some changes to the flyer/poster that we were thinking for this event, some particular ideas started to appear, one of them regarding the colaboration efforts central idea of all this Diary of Hate Project thing...

Well, the idea of this was always people, projects etc appearing and gather to do stuff behind the Diary of Hate Project name, so lately, the part related to music nights, specially after our talk with the responsible of the Incógnito place, begun to had some changes. One of them is the return of the nicknames that i used in the past before i stopped doing this kind of stuff because of being pissed off with stupid things. I was younger basically lol.
But since we have to make some concessions if we want to get this thing going, even if it ends always being our thing, we decided to use again the "music by" and "video by" terms lately. We can say, that after some years we get at a certain point in life, and age, that we make peace with the past, so the memories of those years back are not painfull now, they are a learning process that everyone has in some point in life to get to their present day life.

And with that we get to the rebirth of the Cellophane thing. As i said in some older post here, in the past our music nights and stuff we did were made behind the Cellophane Project name. So, after our talk with the person from Incógnito, we decided that in our music nights we will use that name again, along with the usual nicks. So, we will have Cellophane at Incógnito, with music by Azelpds and Video by Toggam basically. :p With that we can say that Cellophane is the first solid project that is born inside the Diary of Hate Project colaborations. 0_o

Interesting night this one, even if the process till it happened went a little weird sometimes. The place had really good equipment, both for video and music, so it made possible for us to extend a little some ideas we had (and did) before on both fronts.

It was a very enjoyable evening, some friends of us went too and had a really good time. It was cool because all of us were in a middle of stressful moments related to work, so this night was a good escape for all of us to relax a little.