13-04-06, @ Bar do Bairro (Lisboa) - um dia perfeito?

In some ways yes it was, on others maybe not quite...

It was hot that night, full moon bla bla bla.

Well, lots of people at Bar do Bairro, but what i liked more was really the dinner before with some friends and mates from work and later the happiness most of them were showing. The smiles on their faces made me smile inside and be happy also i guess. Besides that, other friend of mine showed up later and he enjoyed the music, he was happy and liked that, seeing him happy. Is not so weird, that a project with a name like Diary of Hate exists for the purpose of doing things and make people be happy and have fun? Talk about paradoxs man.

Regarding the music night part, i liked how things went regarding music, but the mood was somewhat weird regarding the people that showed up. Not sure if it was the full moon thing, but it was not so hmm lively, or brighter or something along those lines, in some ways compared to the night before on the same place. But well, in the end, on The Doors music and the Perfect Day one by Lou Reed, everything seemed to connect and i felt happy to be there, to have lived that night.

And in the middle of all this, i feel something is still not right somewhere. Oh well…

Everything almost ready for the new music night, 13 of April, Thursday. Hopefully will be as much, or even more, fun than the last one, specially since Friday it's an Holiday here in Portugal, so no work the day after :p

Not much else to say besides that i'm looking forward to Thursday. No idea if the colaborations i was recently thinking will go ahead or not because, except the one with paintings, everything depends now of the other persons answers and will. I move, do stuff and so on, if anyone wants to join and do also stuff, good for me, if not, well, life goes on because there's that road i must travel as said before. ^^